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Research progress in profiling cloud and precipitation microphysics characteristic with ground-based multi-frequency radars
Numerical simulation and analysis on cloud microphysical characteristics during a Meiyu heavy rainfall event in Hubei province
Assessment and correction of precipitation forecast with the CMA-MESO 3 km model under the complex terrain in Shanxi Province
Effect analysis of WRF-Hydro model combined with different precipitation products to simulate runoff in the Qingjiang River Basin
Study on neighborhood ensemble probability forecasting method of precipitation for CMA-REPS system
Comparative analysis of environmental conditions and radar characteristics for two tornadoes occurred in Suzhou and Wuhan in 2021
Extrapolation method of precipitation nowcasting radar echo based on GCA-ConvLSTM prediction network
Analysis of radar quantitative precipitation estimation using X-band polarimetric radar
A reflectivity factor correction algorithm for X-band phased array radars
Vertical structures of raindrop size distributions over the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River during the Meiyu period in 2020
Research on bias analysis and correction of temperature and humidity data with ground-based microwave radiometer
Characteristics and simple analysis of fogging potential in the Mountain area of Enshi based on CLDAS data